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Steering Committee Formed

Saturday afternoon at the Grantham Town Supporters Club meeting it

was agreed that they would ask their Members to form with the Existing

Directors and Officers of the club, a Steering Committee to help the club

through the immediate future to get ready for the start of the season.

This will work alongside the efforts being undertaken to attract new

Directors to the Club with the aim that once a new Board of Directors is in

place, that Board will take on the role of the Steering Committee.

Various Supporters Club Members and meeting attendees have already put their

names forward and we thank them for doing so.

There will be an inaugural meeting on Wednesday 7th June at 6:30pm in the

Venue 1874 at the Meres to start things rolling.

If you'd like to join in and be part of the steering committee, please email, or come along on Wednesday night ready to work

for the future of the club.

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