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Playing Fund Relaunched

We are delighted that lifelong Supporter, Tony Fraher has relaunched the "Playing Fund" which he has run in previous years.

Tony explained "The Playing Fund is where individuals contribute to a fund that is independent of the Football Club, but the money donated helps the Manager with his playing budget, therefore enabling him to entice better players to the team.

I have already contacted ex members of the Fund and they have again come on board but we need to attract a good number of new members.

I do hope that despite the current economic climate you can join me and hopefully a good few other fans in providing a regular sum of money to help the manager and the new Board stabilise the club on and off the pitch.

I am sure that many of you are disappointed with the clubs lack of success in recent years however there is now an opportunity to halt the slide and start a process of recovery and renewal.

If you do feel able to help then please let me know ASAP as time is pressing. Please indicate what weekly or lump sum commitment you could make so I have an idea as to the level of support can be offered."

Tony can be contacted via email

Interim Chair, Sophie Cope added "I'm blown away at the response of our Supporter's at the moment. The Playing Fund has previously been a great help to Managers. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone involved"

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