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New Book Goes On Sale

Grantham Football In Victorian and Edwardian Eras

Incredibly, this month sees the 20 year anniversary of the release of The History book of GTFC, so it seems the perfect time to release a new publication!

Jon Barnes explains, ‘The History book was really a compilation of research done by several others over many years, notably Mike Koranski. It was when the research really resumed with the Who’s Who, 2 years later, that in many ways the early history of the club was rewritten. Individuals were discovered that were prominent in the game, including current England Internationals playing for Grantham, but also some that played for Grantham Rovers and Grantham Avenue in the late Victorian era. These sadly at the time had to be dismissed, as they had no connection with our own club. Yet I realised that this was a story that needed fully researching, as it was obvious that the town had at least 3 clubs that played an important part in the structure of the sport in the local area’.

Thankfully Mick Blakeman, a football historian renowned for his work within non league and especially the statistical side, had also independently realised that football in Grantham was holding an interesting story and spent many a day researching in Grantham library to put together that story from even before the start of GTFC, up to the First World War.

This work was passed on to Nick Pigott, a lifelong Grantham fan, who was already in touch with Jon and it was comparatively recently that images, team photos and additional work was done to create the 62 page finished product, Grantham Football in The Victorian and Edwardian Eras.

This will not be a publicly available work, but is available for interested supporters to order privately for £12.95 plus £2.75p+p.

Any profits made from these sales will go directly to the Supporters Club and can be ordered directly from Jon Barnes at or through messaging him one of the club’s supporters facebook pages.

Orders will be taken up till the end of July and one total print run will be then made. No further copies will unfortunately be printed after this date.

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