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Christmas Appeal - Grantham Poverty Concern

Christmas can be a difficult time for some, as it reminds many of friends and relations that are no longer in contact or have moved out of their lives.

Grantham Poverty Concern, a local charity, are currently going to be supporting 17 families ( 96 people - 47 children) with Hampers, presents, gifts & treats. These will be delivered on Saturday 23rd December so that all of the families are able to cook and enjoy a proper Christmas Day without the worry of money etc. They will then provide a full sit down Christmas meal for over 60 of the most vulnerable people in our Community on Christmas Day.

As a donation driven Charity the group relies solely on people’s generosity. It is run by amazing volunteers so that all donations go straight to those who need it the most.

With that in mind Grantham Town football club are seeking donations at the next two home games to help this great cause.

When we spoke to the charity they were pretty confident that all of the children that they will be looking after this Christmas have a number of gifts already donated, or on their way. The charity have asked Grantham Town to help in supporting the adults in family households or the adults that will come and join them for the ‘family’ Christmas meal. Many of whom will sacrifice their own well-being for that of those around them. Most of the people the charity support have to budget tightly and will not be able to afford the little treats we maybe take for granted.

The club are looking for donations of the following

  • Male Toiletry Gift Sets

  • Female Toiletry Gift Set

  • Tubs of chocolates

  • Other sweet treats

There will be a table in the main reception area to leave any donations over the next two home games, so please give generously where you can. Let’s help spread a little Christmas cheer to those that need it most!

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